Het beste lichtplan, voor een gebalanceerde lichtspreiding in uw complete woning, alsmede voor de mooiste feeërieke lichtsferen in uw tuin.Tevens advisering in plantselectie t.a.v. het creëren van een magnifiek schaduw en lichtspel.

Gecertificeerd door Lighting Design Academy.

We at LAMP provide the following exclusive services:

Unique Custom Made Design

Continuously developing unique designs and nurture your future cash cows, in order to grow your business substantially.

Quality Assurance

Consistent high quality is guaranteed. We focus on production control to create success, rather than short term results.  

Continuous Improvement

We constantly measure our operation against your goals in order to achieve the best performance, preventing the gap between supplier and seller.

Cost Saving

We are committed not only to provide competitive pricing, but also to eliminate potential un-beneficial costs in future manufacturing operations.

On Time Delivery

Scheduled and confirmed delivery time and dates will not be altered without your specific request.